Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Telling the family...

When we made The decision to apply for jobs abroad, the one thing I found the hardest was telling our family. I couldn't ring them for 6 weeks. It made me physically sick when I told my mother. I can only say they have been incredibly supportive and encouraging. It will be hard for all of us. I know our children will find it really difficult as they are very fond of their family. 

We decided to tell the children quite early on as they could sense something was up. T and I had been talking in riddles about it, spelling out words we didn't want them to hear or speaking pigeon French to each other. We sat down the 2 eldest and broke the news. We showed them pictures, talked about going on a plane for the first time and talked about the amazing adventures we could have. I think the prospect of being able swim every day sold it to them!

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