Tuesday, 29 May 2012


The power of communication is under estimated. Having read one or two negative things on the Internet about KL, I started to doubt our decision. We live in a gorgeous village and are part of a very special community. The friends in our village are like my family to me. So making this decision has been heart wrenching. It is also very rural and peaceful here. No traffic noise pollution, except the odd tractor and a rubbish lorry once a week, but that is it. 

We are not city people. Having said that, we both lived in London for ten years in our twenties/ thirties. But that was BC (before children). So of course I am bracing myself and mentally preparing the children for a new lifestyle in a big city. When I woke this morning my first instinct was to listen to the silence, the bird song and the sheep in the field. 
But I have had a chance to talk about my doubts with my better half and a very good friend. They have helped me put things into perspective, look at the amazing adventure we will have and the totally different way of life. The prospect of exploring at weekends, going out with the children to different places and adventuring together will be so much fun.  I have been a DIY widow for too long and I can't wait to have some family time. No more looking after the sprogs whilst Daddy gets on with endless DIY projects. Hooray!

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